Aug 272022

   Work is continuing on the website.  Not all of it is visible.

Visitors can now see the beginning of the database which I am creating.  Every fish will have its own page with (hopefully) detailed information for hobbyists as well as scientific information.  As some can see by the forums, I have decided to keep fish other than killies and each group[ has its own discussion areas.  I intend to add a library function to the website which will contain all of the articles that are provided to me or I write.

I am finally getting down to the serious work in the garage … setting up my tanks and storing all of the things I have collected over the years in the hobby.  And I have a lot!  I am arranging to have a deep sink installed in one form or another.  I find myself contemplating a number of thoughts.  The temperature of the water here in Florida is warm enough that I do not need hot water in the fish room, so maybe I can hook up just a single line.  Of course, I have to find an easy way to drain the water.  I am actually considering using an outdoor hose with my python attachment … the water would simply water my backyard gardens.

Who knows what will happen next?

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