Huber, 1999

Order:  Cyprinodontiformes
Family:  Rivulidae
Genus: Laimosemion Huber, 1999
Type species
Rivulus atratus
Laimosemion is a genus of South American plant spawning killifish.  Until 2011, Laimosemion  were included in Rivulus until Costa’ compete revision of the genus.  J.H Huber refuted Costa’s work and moved all of Costa’s genera back into Rivulus.  There are a number of opinions out there and some prefer to maintain them in RivulusThere are currently 29 species in Laimosemion.  They are extremely rare in the hobby.

    They are found in Mexico, Central America and northwestern South American … primarily Venezuela and Colombia.



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Laimosemion xiphideu
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