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N. guentheri - photo by T.R. Grady 

Nothobranchius guentheri – photo by T.R. Grady

The family Nothobranchiidae covers a number of annual species mostly found in East Africa hobbyists identify as Nothobranchius.  However, nine subgenera are commonly simply called Nothobranchius.

ADINOPS – the largest group of Nothos and generally considered members of the Guentheri group.
APHYOBRANCHIUS – several species of a top-dwelling group of Nothos.
CYNOBRANCHIUS –  Species based on a large light blue body and found around and in Somalia.
FUNDULOSOMA – A single species located in West Africa.
NOTHOBRANCHIUS The group is primarily members of the N. orthonotus and rachovii groups. 
– a small subgenus containing some larger and predatory species
PLESIOBRANCHIUS – A new sub-genera based primarily on N. virgatus and related species
PRONOTHOBRANCHIUS – A few species which stretch to West Africa in savanna lands.
ZONONOTHOBRANCHIUS – contains a single species from Chad.



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Breeding Annual Killifish by Tom Grady Basic how to breed Nothobranchius.  To be written shortly.
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