Sep 192022

The title says it all.  I am sitting here doing nothing except considering what I want to accomplish today.  Which means I am not ready to do anything except sip coffee.

   I need to get back to working on one of my novels.  I have two at the stage of rewriting,  fixing, and generally frustrating myself.  I wanted them both available for Christmas, but that is not likely now, probably sometime this winter.  I am also working on my next killifish book … Killifish Encyclopedia: African Annuals. 

   The biggest hold-up other than my health has been a lack of pictures of most Nothos.  Feel free to donate any pics you have.  It’s hard to put out a book without pictures of the majority of species.  I have made a tentative offer to an excellent artist to do renderings of most, if not all species and supplement them with what photos I can take or obtain.  Setting up a new fish room two times in the last year hasn’t helped either.  Now that I am more or less settled, I can return a larger part of my focus to writing.  I guess I will be hitting Aquabid etc. for some fish.  I still need to set up a photo tank and buy a decent 150mm macro lens.  Oh well, that will happen. 

   At least I have a few fish now … I nabbed some nice young black angelfish at the auction as well as some midnight blue guppies and Split-Tail Goodeids.  I also added to my plant collection.  I still have a lot of work to do in the fish room including building some racks to hold my 20- and 30-gallon tanks.  Hopefully, I will get to that this week.  Which reminds me I need to buy some lighting fixtures too.  The moving company essentially destroyed my workshop fluorescent ones and even some of my tank lighting tops.  I need to clean a couple more Rubbermaid bins and put them outside for plants too.  I did add feeder-type guppies to the ones I have set up already and hopefully, they will keep any mosquito or other bugs at bay.

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