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Diapteron georgiae past FUL - Aphyosemion (Diapteron) fulgens | Aquarium fish, Freshwater fish ... Diapteron Aphyosemion Killifish at Aquarium-Club.org Diapteron cyanosticum (print ready) Diapteron abacinum GBG 92/10 - a photo on Flickriver


Diapterons are a small sub-genus of Aphyosemion consisting of five members.  Among the most colorful of the Aphyosemion, they are also physically among the smaller species rarely reaching 2 inches.  Moat re found in Gabon and the regions surrounding the borders of that country.

As a group they are considered difficult to reproduce.  Check the sphagnum breeding technique in the Knowledge Base for the latest information. 


Diapteron abacinum Diapteron cyanostictum Diapteron fulgens Diapteron georgiae Diapteron seegersi




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