May 212023

     I had the pleasure of presenting my new talk on Annualism to the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society Saturday.  From the standing ovation … well truthfully … the sitting applause and many very kind comments after the program, I believe it was well taken and useful for many of those attending.

     The group is one I attend most months and as usual, there was a large auction and I was able to get my hands on several different small groups of Goodeids, another of the fish I want to keep.  I was very fortunate this month.  

(left)  Ryan is in the process of auctioning off one of many bags of fish and plants.  The young girl beside him was one of our runners and long with 90-year-old Velma (not in the pictures).  She made over $50 in tips (the jar at the front of the table) this month.  I am a big fan of the idea of ‘paying’ the younf attendees to be runners.  Every month the kids make some money and keeps we old gimps from having to do the job.

The next 2 photos show many, but not all, of the people in attendance this month.  The group is a nice mix of live-bearer, killifish and cichlid hobbyists.  







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