Mar 272023

     I’ve been caught between three major projects which each require considerable time to complete. 

     First is the obvious one – updating everything for KillieNutz Online.  There are over 1,000 species of killifish which each need to be added individually.  Then there is adding articles to the library (Knowledge Base). I have to write the article or copy them from other sources (such as my book “Encyclopedia of Killifish Vol 1.” 

At the same time, I am in the process of completing Vol.2 of the Encyclopedia – African Annuals.  As I write each section on care and breeding, I am adding excerpts from the new manuscript to the website.  So I write in one place and then copy and paste parts to the website.

    On top of writing the Encyclopedia, I have two novels I have to spend more time on – The Noctis (an end of the world novel) and Afterlife (a paranormal novel).  It takes hours of concentration to complete a scene in this type of work … rewrite … clean up and more.

     Then there is the fish-room.  While I have one rack of 5-gallon tanks up and running, I need to build a few more stands to hold more smaller tanks as well as some 20- & 30-gallon tanks.  It all takes time.  Anyone who wants to show up some weekend, I can put you to work.  This getting old slows me down a lot, not to mention all of the leg and foot surgeries I have gone through since 2022.

     Oh yes, I also have to do normal life things like shop for groceries, clothes etc.  I also attend fish club meetings almost every weekend.  I guess it is true what they say about retirement.  You are more busy than when working.

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