Sep 062022
  Killifish absolutely amaze me sometimes. In July I bought several pairs of killies at the convention in Kentucky with the intention of tanking them in pet pals when I got home. Due to many stupid circumstances, I never tanked them until yesterday, over a month from when I returned from the Triple Crown.
   Everything survived and all are now tanked. While they were a bit thin, they still were in good shape. Now I will start feeding them and am going to run around to the local fish shops and see if there is any live foods … even if only brine shrimp. I am going to need starter cultures of white worms at the minimum and will be looking to purchase grindal worms and micro worms. I intend to start some BBS today. Maybe there will be starter cultures in one of the Aquarium Tampa and Pasco) clubs I plan to attend the next two weekends. I am going to have to do the worms in a refrigerator which will be new to me. Up north, I never had that issue.
   So once again I go into the fray … trust me, the garage ain’t done with boxes of stuff from the move.
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