May 012023

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What  a  way great  way  to  start  the morning.  I had a  huge  hatch of  Nem.  whitei.  The  eggs arrived  yesterday  from a friend, Fred Behrman, who was also kind enough to send me some Nothos and A. australe.   So now I have a few tanks filled and am planning on more.  I also received some eggs from an Aquabid win and am expecting white worm and grindal worm starters today.  Its nice to be a little bit more seriously back into the hobby.

     I still have a lot of work to do in the fishroom – building stands for larger fish and grow out tanks, but at the moment I have 25 tanks – 5G to 30G – up and running.

     I have my brine shrimp hatcheries up and running, but I think my bs eggs have gone bad.  I will be getting some from Brine Shrimp Direct immediately to have good hatches.  BBS are a staple in my fish room.  Fortunately I have frozen BBS for the older fry and fish.  I have been using paramecia and decapsulated BBS (too bad they do not hatch out) for the fry. Hopefully this weekend at the Suncoast Killifish Society meeting there will be a culture of microworms available in the auction.

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