Mar 302023
     A very recent article in the Miami Herald has reported the Asian Swamp Eel has become a major problem in the Everglades and is capable of spreading throughout the United States. The information originally was posted by Scott Schlueter on the UNYKA Facebook site.
     A paper released by the Florida International University – and published in the journal Science of the Total Environment details the loss of many species of crayfish and fish including the Florida Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) 99% loss, Fundulus heteroclitus 91% loss and the Golden Topminnow (Fundulus chrysotus) 62% loss as well as Mosquitofish (gambusia) 66% loss.
     According to the article populations of the Asian Swamp Eel have been identified in Tampa and Sarasota bays along with other states from Georgia to New York.



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