ADINOPS (sub-genus)
Myers, 1924


Adinops is a large group of Nothobranchius. .Most members are found in Tanzania along the coastal plain.  


The majority of species are found on either coastal islands of Zanzibar and Mafia or on the coastal plain along the eastern side of Tanzania.


These are slightly larger species. Most are predatory and live with members of the guentheri group


While not an official group, I have separated these species based on locality.  They are located around Lake Malawi and not described from any other locations.

N. albimarginatus N. elongatus N. kirki
N. annectens N. henglsteri N. niassa
N. cardinalis N. insularis N. wattersi
N. eggersi N. interruptus
N. flammicomantis N. krammerii
N. foerschi N. kwalensis
N. guentheri N. lucius
N. kilomberoensis N. makondorum
N. korthausae N. melanospilus
N. nikiforovi N. patrizzi
N. palmqvisti N. prognathus
N. rubripinnis N. vosseleri
N. ruudwildekampi  
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