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Fundulopanchax gardneri Complex
Radda, 1977

     This may be the most popular group of killifish kept around the world.  Sadly, many populations and locations of this group have come into the hobby, but have been lost due to the next variation being more interesting.  This problem will be discussed under its own article within the group.
     Fp. gardneri has been broken into several groups as listed below with population from each group listed on the group pages.  This section requires some work to get everything correct. 


Gardneri Gardneri  Gardneri nigeranum Gardneri mamfense Gardneri Obuduense Mirabilis Group Walkeri types
Fp. gardneri Akaram Fp. gardneri Misaje Fp. gardneri Abinti Fp. gardneri Obudu Fp. mirabilis mirabilis Fp. walkeri Kutunse
Fp. gardneri Akure Fp. gardneri P82 Fp. gardneri Basua   Fp. mirabilis moense Fp. walkeri GH1
Fp. gardneri Enugu Fp. gardneri Jos Plateau Fp. gardneri Eyumojok   Fp. mirabilis traudae Fp. walkeri orange
Fp. gardneri Kluge Fp. gardneri Innidere Fp. gardneri Ossing   Fp. greseni  
Fp. gardneri Lafia          
Fp. gardneri Makurdi          
Fp. gardneri Nsukka          
Fp. gardneri Okwoga          
Fp. gardneri Udi Mt.          


Boulenger G.A. 1908.- Description of two new Cyprinodont fishes from West Africa.  Annals & Magazine of Natural History (8) 2 (7): p 29-30.



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