Sep 182022

   Attended the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society over the weekend and had a great time.  I had a couple of long-time friends who are members, Bill Shields and Brian Skidmore who made it easier to meet others.  I was really impressed with one member, 90-year-old Velma, who was a very active participant ranging from greeting people to being an auction runner.  She breeds Angelfish and has done so for over 30 years. A very impressive and lovely lady.

 I was able to do a little auctioning at the meeting and they were glad to add me as an auctioneer for October’s Annual Auction where they expect a large crowd and several hundred bags of fish-only.  Any other items are placed in a separate area and only sold via a silent auction.  Pretty great way to shorten the overall auction. 

The speaker was Joe Gargas and the presentation was on DIY Carbon Systems for large Aquariums.  His talk showed how to build and system for large tanks using products he bought from Amazon and the tank he used (video) for the demonstration was impressive.  He said his plants grew at incredible rates, and I need to do the same.

Sep 112022

    I attended the Aquatic Club of Pasco County meeting yesterday and I have never seen anything like the auction they had except at some group’s annual public auctions.  There were 400+ items in the auction, a fair number of plants and guppies, but still …  The attendance had to be 75-100 members.

The club was welcoming and I had one good friend, Bill Shields, at the meeting, so I can say he made it easier to meet a few others.  I was a little amazed at a couple of things … first – young kids were welcome at the meeting and there were several anywhere from 4 or 5 years to 12-13 years.  Pasco got them fully involved in the auction by using them as the runners and people gave to a tip jar which was used to ‘pay’ the kids.  They all wanted to participate and did a wonderful job.  I think other clubs should consider this option.

   The speaker, Alex Williamson, gave an interesting presentation about historical moments in the aquarium hobby from the very first captive fishes to the first recorded glass aquarium to the expansion of the hobby from the very rich to what we know today.  I applaud him.

The meeting was held at the VFW in Spring Hill, FL and the folks there provided food at the bar and most attendees grabbed something which helped make money for the VFW.

I am looking forward to their next meeting which I believe is going to be a swap meet.  I better fill my piggy bank and make certain I have enough tanks up and running.

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