KillieNutz is both a website as well as a nickname for Tom Grady.

     The website has been around in a couple different forms since the mid-1980s when it was started as a computer bulletin board.  In the early 1990s it was moved to the internet as a website where it evolved into the site seen today.

     While Tom’s favorite group of killies is Nothos, he has a serious fascination with members of the group formerly known as Rivulus.  He also enjoys Goodeids and North American native fish.  A part of his hobby is collecting, and, in part, that helped him decide on living in Florida.

     After a couple of moves in the last two years, he has finally settled in Ocala, Florida where he is constructing his third fish room in two years.  In the end, he hopes to operate over 100 tanks ranging from 2 1/2-gallons to 30-gallons in the aquarium area as well as 100-gallon and 90-gallon display tanks in his living room.

     KillieNutz Online is a mix of things ranging from a detailed index of the fish Tom enjoys the most – killies as well as a place to report news he finds around the world and also his opinions. 

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